IFFBoston ’15 Review: I’ll See You In My Dreams

Carol Petersen (Blythe Danner) is coming to terms with her twilight years. A widow of almost 20 years, Carol lives alone with her dog, and lives a relatively simple life. She meets her friends for bridge at the retirement community, she drinks wine, reads, and watches TV, and for all intents and purposes, she’s happy. …

IFFBoston ’15 Review: Posthumous

It’s something we’ve heard before, artists unappreciated while alive, and only finding success posthumously. What would happen if people thought an artist was dead, but, they actually were very much alive? That’s the premise of Lulu Wang’s “Posthumous.”

IFFBoston ’15 Review: I Am What I Play

“I Am What I Play,” from first time director Roger King take a handful of really well known DJs from prolific American Ardio Markets and tells their story. With personalities likes Charles Laquidara (Boston), Pat O’Day (Seattle), Meg Griffen (NYC), and Toronto legend David Marsden (aka David Mickie) – we move through their personal stories …

IFFBoston ’15 Review: Lost Conquest

Did you know that well before Columbus landed in North America, Vikings had laid claim to what later became the state of Minnesota? They have the ancient artifacts to back it up too…With “Lost Conquest,” Director Mike Scholtz set to tell an oral history of the discovery of the mysterious Kensington Runestone, and how many …

IFFBoston ’15 Review: GTFO

There is a terrible plague in the world of Video Games. The mostly male dominated industry and audience has for years rejected all female viewpoints from entering their club. Whether its perpetuating stereotypes in character designs, or harassing women online – it’s a big mess, and “GTFO” sets out to tell the story.